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Breaking the Cycle (or 4 Easy Ways to Get out of a Depression Spiral)

So I have FINALLY joined the ranks of the employed people again. Praise Jeebus. Consequently, I am in a good mood with some time on my hands, but no money yet. The answer? Ramble about random crap on the internet!


Everyone knows that it’s incredibly difficult to get out of a spiral of depression. I know that the more depressed I become the less I get accomplished and the worse I feel about myself. My apathy and negativity only breeds more negativity, and eventually I’m only able to socialize with those who similarly hate life in general.


So this got me to thinking, what are the things that people do to get out of a funk and feel better about themselves? Quite a few of my “feel good” activities include something incredibly geeky, not that there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, to quote Ben from Parks and Rec, nerd culture is mainstream now, so when you use the word “nerd” derogatorily, it means YOU’RE the one that’s out of the zeitgeist.

But I digress. I’m here to discuss the things I’ve tried to get myself out of depression. Not all of these have worked. In fact, there are a few that were downright counterproductive, but nonetheless, here they are.

Alcohol (in all it’s various forms)


One of the worst (and most common) things people do after something traumatic happens to them is to get drunk. Homer Simpson said it well. Beer. The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems. Who hasn’t had a tough day at work and gone to happy hour at their local watering hole?

But if you really think about it, drinking when you’re upset or stressed is actually an incredibly stupid idea. Alcohol is a depressant, and most of the time afterwards you are left only with a headache, empty wallet, and mild to severe dehydration. Despite the temporary euphoria, none of the results are a cure for what ails you.

Creative Outlet


This one is my favorite. Whether you enjoy painting, writing, being a mime, or whatever, expressing yourself creatively gets out all the bad energy you’ve been building up inside you and expunges your feelings. Personally, I rock the PANTS off some karaoke. There is something cathartic about getting up in front of a room of perfect strangers and belting your heart out to an 80’s power ballad. Or, if that doesn’t annoy you enough, I can sing something even more atroucious like a song from a musical. Gloria Estefan sang it correctly, eventually the rhythm is going to GET you. Truth be told, I love it all, except for the dozen or so karaoke songs that have been so overdone that they need to retire permanently. Ooh! Topic for a later blog.



When your mind is running a million miles a minute and you can’t sort out the path you should take, meditating in some form is a very good way to get clarity of the brain. Some people read an inspirational book, some people light incense and take a bath, and some people do a serene exercise like yoga or pilates. I, for one, like to do a combination. I read a fantasy novel in a contortionist twist whilst in my bubble bath.

Comfort Food, Blanket, or Other


A quick fix to make myself feel better is to cook my favorite meal, wrap myself up in my favorite quilt, and watch my favorite show on Netflix. These small but essential things bring me back to the truth that is Adaire, and even if I have only a few minutes, I can listen to a groovy song on the way to work. It puts my mood in an entirely new light.

I know there are many of you out there who are going to tell me I missed a huge one: exercise. To you I say, go bother someone else. I hate running when I’m not going somewhere with a purpose, or climbing stairs to no where, and team sports baffle and intimidate me. The one exception for me is dance. Dancing fits into the exercise category very well, but the only reason I enjoy it is because it’s an art, and I’m putting dancing up there with Creative Outlet. I am sure when the zombie apocalypse comes I will be kicking myself for this one, as I watch all of you healthy individuals run past me as I’m being fed on by a horde of zombies because I fell behind when a stitch in my side hindered my escape and my weak lungs ended it.



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